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b.b home passion roots collection

b.b home passion roots mit Barbara Becker von Reinkemeier

Barbara Becker’s new collection “roots” is a journey through 3 different cultures. For this collection Barbara went searching for her roots. A DNA test was to reveal some surprises. Her roots are mainly in Scotland, Germany and Africa.

Barbara Becker about her new collection: “My roots are scattered. Three regions are particularly striking in which my next ancestors have spent a long time: Germany, Scotland and parts of Africa. A wild mix of different cultures, colors, design preferences. A mix that makes me and my personality. A mix that is perfect for three new worlds of living that I present to you now in my new collection b.b home passion roots”:

bb home passion roots Heimat Fußmatten von Reinkemeier bb home passion roots African Soul Teppiche von Reinkemeier


„The south of Germany is still closely linked in my heart, after all I was born and raised in Heidelberg. I capture the most beautiful moments for you in this world of style and through my products you can feel a part of my home in your home.

In this world of living, mats were developed in 50 x 70 cm with typical home motifs of chequer and hearts. The mats are extremely hard-wearing and durable, made of 100% polyamide. The mats absorb dirt and moisture and are washable at 40 ° C.


„My heart laughs when I think of Africa. The effortless joy of the people, their singing, dancing, the common, familiar togetherness – these are the things that I especially love about African culture. I want to let the extraordinary beauty of this continent speak through my product worlds and now I heartily invite you to come on a trip with me, as there is a little of Africa in all of us.“

For the African Soul world of living, 80 cm circular rugs made of jute and a cotton-jute yarn mixture in colorful African colors were developed.

bb home passion roots Highland Clan Teppiche von Reinkemeier  


„In fact, ancient paternal ancestors of mine came from this wonderful country, which surprises us with its unique natural beauty. A true play of clear colours awaits the eye of the beholder here, which espies much loneliness but also much that is picturesque, especially when walking through the melancholy wilderness of the Scottish highlands. Simply perfect for my new Home Collection.“

For the Highland Clan world of living, carpets were hand-woven from a wool and viscose yarn mixture. These highland wool rugs, in different natural shades, are available in sizes 70 x 140 cm and 140 x 200 cm.