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Import Processing Asia

container_importabwicklung_asien_reinkemeier_logistikWe are dealing more than 20 years with the procurement of goods and the import processing from China, India and other Asian countries.

For you we can with our staff on site take care of your containers in the countries of origin of the start of production to shipping.

The incident on the European mainland containers are on us, unloaded at our warehouse locations and further processed according to your ideas.

Here you all are in the field of transportation logistics and warehouse logistics services described are available. A were specific handling of your imported goods is thus ensured and the overall flow of goods to your customers is controlled by us according to your desires.

ladekai_importabwicklung_asien_reinkemeier_logistik2These are our assets:

  • organization of customs processing
  • organization of the wake to your clients / branches
  • unloading of containers
  • intermediate storage of your goods
  • care in the countries of origin