kommissionierung_reinkemeier_rietbergOur staff, with the help of our paperless picking system, pick your orders according to your needs and put them togehter for delivery.

As part of the commissioning, we can offer more services tailored to you:
A tailored to your customer pricing with customers’ specific labels so that your customer receives the goods at the POS in a salable condition and will be without any turnover. Special packaging work and an individual display creation intend promotional POS and can be carried out according to your wishes.

Here we are also able to plan extensive actions with a volume of several hundred pallets. From the display design on the packaging work up to delivery to your customers, you get everything out of one hand.

rollen_kommissionierung_reinkemeier_rietbergThese are our assets:

  • pallet storage, use of storage, storage of bulky items
  • picking
  • labeling / pricing
  • packaging work
  • display design and packaging
  • package Shipping
  • computer interface solutions
  • charge tracking