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Carpeted floor

By working closely with leading European wall to wall carpet and fitted carpet manufacturers, we can offer an attractive selection of the latest trends in flooring and wall to wall carpets.

teppich-und-du_kampagneWhy carpet as a floor covering?

A high quality carpet as a floor covering ensures maximum comfort and individual atmosphere throughout the house.
Living an experience, because no other material offers such a diverse range of colors, patterns and textures.

Weicher Cut-Loop Teppichboden in Beige und Creme mit einer Hoch-Tief StrukturBenefits for fitted carpet


Carpet is a floor covering that looks especially Noise-absorbing. It reduces the impact noise and improves the room acoustics. Even small unnatural background noise, like the hum of the refrigerator, can lead to sleeping, learning and concentration disorders. The carpet absorbs this noise better than any hard flooring. With the textile floor coverings can impact sound – decrease by nearly 90 percent both in the space of noise level as well as in adjacent rooms. No other flooring has similarly good room and footfall sound properties. The damping is better, the softer and thicker, the textile floor covering. A pad made ​​of felt enhances the effect.


Thanks to the dust-binding property of the carpeted living under hygienic aspects should be considered as very positive. The flooring carpet reduces particulate matter by half. This means that the air up to 50 percent less than the dust content in comparison with smooth types of soil. For hard floor types of dust with every breeze is stirred up again.

Energy saving

Carpets give a pleasant sensation of temperature. Studies have shown that the apparent temperature in rooms that are carpeted floors is up to 2 degrees higher than in rooms with hard floors.
Carpets keep the heat in the room. Therefore, a carpeted floor space has to be heated demonstrably less and has the largest share of energy consumption.


Many crashes often occur at home on smooth surfaces. Carpets, however, are soft and elastic. Feet get a safe hold on the carpet and because of non-sliding characteristics it is hardly possible to slip. In case of a fall, the surface of the soft carpeting mitigates danger of injury.

This is a high-low pattern in which the high loop forms the pattern. The high-loops are sheared off or on. This gives the Tip-Sheared its special character.

Protects joints

The carpet relieved joints and spine, and leads to increased walking comfort.
Velours Teppichboden in Dunkelbraun

Get an insight into the selection of our qualities

The term loop indicates qualities such as fine loops, structural loops, heavy loops and pressure loops. The sling design is characterized by a good ability of repeating.

This is an open cut pile loop. Characteristic features are the dense, closed surface and a soft, velvety feel.

Cut Loop:
The cut means a high loop deep structure, which is made from heat-set yarns / twines. By twisting rotation, the high surface gets a grainy surface. The cut-pile plateau forms a clear border with the deep trap.

This is a high-low pattern in which the high loop forms the pattern. The high-loops are sheared off or on. This gives the Tip-Sheared its special character.

Saxony is the English technical term for deep-pile suede consisting of heat-set yarns. The additional twist rotation results in a tightly closed indenter. Typical is the granular surface appearance.

Shag is the term for deep-pile velvet with a pile height of about 15 to 40 mm. The yarn is crimped. Therefore, the pole looks shaggy.

Needled / needle felt:
Needle felt, today called needle card web, has a hard sealed surface and a rough, rather bristly structure. The fiber structure is usually mild, breathable and elastic. In the production of fine, synthetic fibers or fiber, webs are needled into a base fabric. The fabric will then receive a relatively stiff backing, such as PVC. Needle felt is cheap, robust and very popular in the commercial sector. Artificial turf also belongs to the carpet type. It is available with or without drainage pimples.

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