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b.b home passion

In the new collections of home b.b passion Barbara Becker presents style worlds that have been found in the form of colors, fabrics, wallpaper and carpets in this “home story” their place and combine comfort and elegance in a very special way.

Barabara Becker got the inspiration for these designs from her travels around the world. Foreign cultures in distant lands left their mark in our lives. This may show up on the walls, on the floor and on the windows.


b.b home passion carpet collection

b.b home passion Teppiche von Barbara Becker bei Reinkemeier


The b.b home passion carpet collection takes up the ideas of the wallpapers collection and follows them further. The emphasis was laid by Barbara Becker on the choice of materials and colors. The collection is divided into different theme-based styles.


b.b home passion Miami Style

b.b home passion Miami Style von Barbara Becker bei Rreinkemeier


With passion b.b home Miami Style Barbara Becker has developed a carpet collection designed specifically for outdoor use. Inspired by the flair and lifestyle of Miami was this carpet collection.

b.b home passion doormats

b.b home passion Sauberlaufmatten von Barbara Becker bei Reinkemeier


With the b.b home passion doormats collection Barbara Becker created the perfect fashion for the entrance area. She has put particular emphasis on the designs, colors and longevity.


b.b home passion roots

b.b home passion roots mit Barbara Becker von Reinkemeier


For the collection “roots” Barbara Becker went seaching for her own roots. Here, colors and patterns of a journey mix from the Blackforest over Scottish Highlands to Africa. The styles include door mats, wool carpets and circular carpets – always with that certain little something.