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Janosch Logo Teppiche von Janosch bei Reinkemeier Rietberg

Janosch has been one of the most successful German license themes for over 30 years. Stories about the Tiger Duck, tiger and bear and a little green frog called Günter Kastenfrosch are not only popular among preschool children, but also among parents and grandparents that now welcome the newest generation of this famous Janosch theme. The artist and children’s book author Janosch has been writing, sketching and drawing for the weekly issue of the German ZEITmagazin since July 2014.

Currently more than 40 renowned licensees from different industries and product fields work together on different projects. The German airline CONDOR for example recently introduced their Janosch holiday plane, a boeing 767, in July 2014.

The main characters Tiger Duck, Tiger, Bear and Günter Kastenfrosch embody the spirit of friendship in their stories. JANOSCH’s protagonists are unconventional, fun-loving and freedom-loving – just like the artist himself. All of the characters convey positive emotions and the emancipation of the child. Together they go on adventures, face danger and fear and learn about the meaning of friendship and team spirit.

janosch_teppich_ich_mag_dich_kinderteppich_reinkemeier janosch_teppich_tigers_reise_kinderteppich_reinkemeier janosch_teppich_zirkus_panama_kinderteppich_reinkemeier janosch_teppich_blumenregen_kinderteppich_reinkemeier

The rugs are available in the sizes 80 x 150 cm and 133 x 190 cm and display neat stories such as: circus Panama (orig. Zirkus Panama), Tiger’s little trip (orig. Tigers Reise), flower showers (orig. Blumenregen) and I like you (orig. Ich mag dich). All rugs are manufactured with a new, modern weaving technique and are going to bring much joy into every child’s room.

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