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Al Mano

AL_Mano_Schriftzug-510x65Your individual carpet

Let yourself be inspired by the many different options and design your very own individual carpet. With this new system you will always be flexible. You can enlarge the carpet every time out, change the design or replace individual elements. Experience the new generation of carpet.

Al Mano are carpeted elements in 40 x 40 cm, which are connected with Velcro technology simple, quickly and safely.

  • any size possible
  • custom design
  • anytime to enlarge / reduce
  • individual elements are interchangeable


How it works …
  1. design the carpet individually as desired
  2. turn over all elements on the previously determined position and solve the Velcro
  3. turn each individual element so that the arrows printed on the back all pointing in one direction
  4. connect the elements with the Velcro straps – starting at a crossroads
  5. cut the velcro strips to the needed dimension and put the entire carpet elements together
  6. turn around and ready is your new carpet



al_mano_teppich_schwarz_silber_grau_reinkemeier al_mano_teppich_schwarz_grau_silber_reinkemeier al_mano_teppich_flieder_lila_reinkemeier


Benefits for the trade:
  • in a very small area can be shown a huge selection of carpets
  • clients with all size requirements may be operated
  • no large inventories necessary
  • reordered in small quantities
  • innovative product


Sales support at the POS:
  • presenters with 2 displays
  • flyer with various design examples and detailed instructions to take away
  • printable pictures for advertising can be made available

Benefits for the customer:al_mano_teppich_flieder_lila_grau_reinkemeier

  • design options
  • any size is possible
  • carpet can be reduced or enlarged as needed
  • individual elements can be easily replaced
  • easy to carry in any size
  • gives unique sense of achievement after assembly
  • the next carpet generation
  • a whole new kind of interior design